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Coach Patterson   Dr. Michael Wright and Mike Tomlin
“The Wrightguard is unparalleled in comfort and durability. The Wrightguard staff is responsive and provides hands-on assistance to make sure that our players are as safe as possible. It truly alters the way the players think about mouthpieces.”
Coach Patterson
  Dr. Michael Wright and Mike Tomlin,
Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach
Raising Mouthguard Awareness With The Hampton Road Youth Foundation


“I expected the Wright Guard to be a high-quality, comfortable and highly protective mouth guard for my son who plays high school football. What I wasn’t expecting was the added flexibility and mobility that he acquires when he wears it. He is having his best year to date as a lineman, and I feel good knowing that with the Wright Guard he is well protected in so many ways.”
– Ginger Harwerth

  “TWG mouth guard has a secure feel to it. It moulds easily to your mouth, allows for more ease of talking and breathing while it is in and I especially like the magnetic helmet attachment.”
– Diane Ciccone

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