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Our mouthguards are scientifically designed and made of advanced protective oral plastics, making them highly durable yet light and comfortable. All our brands are made to fit comfortably and reduce the likelihood of significant trauma as a result of impacts to the chin and jaw.

This is due to “TWG – The WrightGUARDSâ„¢” ability to absorb severe impacts to players’ jaw and surrounding facial structure, thereby minimizing collisions between the TMJ and the base of skull, which is one of the most life threatening types of head injuries in sports.

TWG - The WrightGUARDâ„¢ Technology


Bigger mouthguard competitors naturally have a distinct advantage over smaller competitors. However, more and more coaches, parents and teams are looking to increase player protection and demanding a better fitting mouthguard.

Designing a mouthguard to provide similar protection that The WrightGUARD provides requires a comprehensive understanding of dentistry, and the tooth, jaw and muscle – the “oro-facial” complex.



The use of mouth-guards in sports is perhaps the only piece of sporting equipment common across almost all contact sports.

Considered a protective piece of sporting equipment, it is on its way to becoming a mandatory item of protection to have in order to safely participate in many popular sporting activities, such as football, hockey, martial arts, boxing, wrestling and other similar high-contact, extreme physical activities.



Being a professional means I take a serious approach to my craft. We invest in wearing the best equipment but I had always overlooked the importance of a mouth guard until I met Dr. Wright and he introduced me to The WrightGUARD. The WrightGUARD had an immediate impact on my on-field success by helping me stay in balance and also giving me added protection during collisions. Any athlete who is serious about their craft will definitely make a visit to see Dr. Wright. You don’t have to be a professional to take a professional approach to your performance and your safety.

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