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Why TWG X?

Simple. Because we believe it to be the best mouth guard currently in the market that provides custom like fit for maximum protection along with comfort and enhanced performance unlocking your true potential. Having been developed and designed by a Dentist, Dr. Michael Wright, TWG X utilizes years of research to provide better protection against orofacial injuries and give you the TWG advantage. So GET PROTECTED!

What is a Magnetic Tethering mouthguard?

Mouth guards are used in contact and noncontact sports to protect the teeth and jaw structure from injury. Mouth guards are commonly used in contact sports such as football, hockey, lacrosse, and boxing; where deliberate collisions between players are common. When the athlete removes the protective or performance guard, the athlete has no adequate place for storage. In football, for example, the athlete’s mouth guard is sometimes tethered to the helmet via the facemask. This prior principal of storage allows the mouth guard to dangle from the player’s helmet. This is often unfavorable to the athletes and more players are simply holding the mouth guard in their hand or wedging it in the facemask. By wedging the mouth guard, the guard is distorted which effects the fit and protection and by simply holding the guard, it becomes cumbersome and often lost or dropped. When dropped, the athletes guard is soiled with dirt and other harmful bacteria which can lead to health issues. Another reason athletes’ find it unfavorable for the conventional tethering system is that it limits their range of motion as they move their heads all-about. This tethering of the jaw to the helmet can also cause injury when another player grabs the helmet and the head/neck is abruptly mal positioned. Prior mouth guard designs do not provide a more convenient, safe means of affixing a mouth guard to a player’s equipment.

What’s a Dual Break away Strap?

Some sports associations mandate that only a strapped guard shall be worn by the athlete. As a result we had to build the same safety/protection advantage provided by the TWG X Magnetic into a strapped guard. The dual breakaway strap connects to the TWG X Non-Magnetic and allows it to unlock itself from either the TWG X or the grill if your helmet is grabbed or twisted too hard. Thus protecting you from injury when another player grabs the helmet and the head/neck is abruptly mal positioned.

How many sizes does the TWG X come in?

It is very important that you wear a mouth guard that does not feel bulky, helps in breathing and has a snug fit. TWG X’s unique arch form allows for that perfect fit and comfort. Choose the size that fits you well and GET PROTECTED!
It comes in 6 different sizes:
Adult Large
Adult Medium
Adult Small
Youth 16+ (for ages 16 and over)
Youth 11+
Youth -11 ( for ages below 11)

Are there any specific fitting instructions for my TWG X?

In order to get out the best from your TWG X please go to the following link.

Should I clean my TWG X regularly?

Yes. It is very important that you regularly brush your TWG or any mouth guard for that matter to make your guard not only last longer but also for hygiene purposes.

Can I get a custom guard from TWG?

Our Elite brand caters to just that. The TWG Elite is our custom mouth guard that has been specially designed for pro athletes and is specially molded according to your teeth structure. TWG E can also be customized by placing decals of your choice. All you have to do is contact us and pay a visit to SDS studios in Bethesda Maryland where we take
your impressions and design your very own unique TWG E.

Do mouth guards prevent Concussions?

Studies have not been able to prove that mouth guards prevent concussions but they haven’t been able to prove that they don’t either. Therefore a good quality mouth guard such as TWG can reduce the likelihood of a concussion but may not prevent it. Absence of proof is not a proof of absence!

When should someone wear a mouth guard?

It is extremely important that a mouth guard is worn during any sports based activity where there is risk of head, face or neck injury. Such sports include Hockey, Soccer, Karate, Basketball, Baseball, Skating, Skateboarding, lacrosse, football as well as many other sports. Most oral injuries occur during basketball, baseball and soccer.

Can The TWG Boil and Bite Mouthgaurd be used with orthodontics/braces?

Yes, the TWG mouthguards are all braces compatible; the fitting instructions are just a little different. The setting time in your mouth is just 30 seconds instead of a minute. Then you will be able to reheat and reshape your guard after each orthodontist appointment. Learn More

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