TWG Performance

TWG – The Ultimate in Protection and Performance

performance Many performance mouth guards on the market claim that their athletes will perform better having worn their product. At TWG, our belief is that “form follows function”. If the mouth guard is properly fitted, the functionality and performance of the mouth guard will naturally follow.

TWG is engineered by Dental Specialists to unlock your power and potential while protecting your most important asset- your jaw structures and brain. Whether you need protection in contact sports or you just want to improve your game, TWG gives every athlete a protective and performance edge.

The TWG performance Advantage.

Unlock your true potential- become a “Believer”




TWG’s patented mouth guards are worn by the world’s most elite athlete’s and is undeniably the best in the industry. Our athlete’s proven performance on the field and TWG’s unsurpassed protection offers an unsurpassed sense of security for each and every one of our athletes.

TWG’s sleek design allows for better comfort, speech and airway exchange. The one of a kind self-aligning system allows for a better fit, “custom feel” and correct jaw positioning in the TMJ complex. Correct jaw positioning allows for protection against tooth injury and jaw fracture. Proper jaw positioning also allows for better spinal alignment and unlocks the athlete’s true performance by increasing balance, agility, strength and stamina.

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